Core Fundamentals = Strong Web Presence

Without a foundation reaching your web-based goal just simply isn't possible.
A strong strategic plan, surgical precision, and execution is the most direct route to success.

Finding Your Target Audience

'Content is King' but is the right audience even seeing your message? The power of organic search engine results brings your target market right to your doorstep. An SEO strategy is a must and your web based marketing strategy should be heavily influenced by your overall sales approach.

Brand Design

Your branding shouldn’t stop after a client has left your website. Do your Social Media instances resemble your overall image or do your printed media material match the image and theme of your website? This marketing strategy will help your clients remember you.

Professional Audience Drive Website

The Foundation of a successful web presence starts with a Strong Website. A website that doesn’t function properly, a brand image that doesn’t align with your current business model or development predating 2010 might not hold up against its competitors. This begs the question; are you adequately adapting?

First, thank you for taking an interest. I am Nicholas Schick a freelancer specializing in re-branding, marketing/advertising, and design. I focus on what is possible through the web, giving control back to my clients.

The experiences I had in the corporate world not only shaped my technological philosophy but also allowed for this philosophy to be "practically applied". In turn, this experience improved my understanding of the relationship between technology and sales, marketing, advertising, etc.

The most important finding is that poor branding efforts and simple operational issues can plague any firm, regardless of their industry. Correcting these issues can open new opportunities for any firm, company, and/or organization.

I would consider myself a powerful advocate for branding within every organization. Some of my notable accomplishments would be the creation of luxuryeurolighting in late 2011, the re-development of sites for Nutritionwod, and the green-field development of Deuschl-Omnibus; which also included a strategic marketing plan that played heavily into their new brand launch. 

Some of my personal interests are contributing to many web-based open-source solutions and working with a few not-for-profit organizations in the areas of brand development and web design.