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First Look at - but even more changes under the hood

The redesign of the domain was the first step in a series of new design and development elements changes geared to deliver a streamlined and efficient resource center to my client base. The primary goals of this relaunch are to enhance communication, seamlessly deliver client-specific information and showcase creative design.

Capacity Increases

Amongst a new look via a front end change, NSFDC has also increased its serving capabilities through 3 new web servers, 4 additional mail servers, and an additional NS server. These changes have been implemented to create a better development environment as well and increase capacity.

While the new domain is live, may new systems are still in beta testing but will be coming online over the next few weeks.

The New NS Domain

The site has been reduced to drive focus on the most important points that my clients and/or potential clients might need. Some new key features include:

  • A new responsive design which is easy to navigate
  • Status & Systems - All the tools offered and Important information regarding products and services offered by NSFDC:
    • Server and Datacenter Live Status
    • Client Services Status Live Status
    • Cloud/Extranet/Projects/Gallery Tools all in one place
    • Billing and Client Account information portal
New Look at

Thank you for visiting my new web presence. If you need additional information and/or if you are interested in a web presence similar to this please feel free to contact me at

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NickSchick - Servers

Current status of Client Data Centers

NickSchick - Services

Current status of NSFLDC Core Client Services

Client Service Systems

Please see below for additional client services offered by the NSFLDC network. If you find that these section are not available to you please contact to have access granted to you.

Media/Storage Services


ExtraNet/Exchange Portal for client specific information and document exchange


Media Gallery System for client photographs and project related media


Cloud Storage Service for additional client storage

Payment & Projects Portals

Client Project Portal

Check the current status of your projects

/ Invoicing

NEW Client Accounting Portal. This system includes client invoicing, current tasks and credits for all clients

Old Invoicing Systems

These services will be retired May 2018