• Graphic Design Services
    Your branding shouldn’t stop after a client has left your website. Does your Social Media instances resemble your overall image or does your printed media match the theme of your website. These marketing strategies will help your clients remember you.

    Additional Services Offered:
    • Graphic Design for Printed Media
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Digital Ad Design
    • Email/Newsletter Design
  • Marketing
    We want to leverage search engine results through optimization. In turn this will increase the amount of visitors that visit your web presence. We need to be creative and also maximize user experience (UX) across all devices on the net, whether it be a tablet, laptop or cell phone, as the SEO landscape has evolved.

    Important Factors We Should Consider:
    • Is our Content Valuable
    • Is our web presence optimized for the web and for all devices that can access the web
    • Are we willing to pay for it
  • CMS (Content Managment System) Development
    Your web presence is now the face of your company, organization, and/or brand. If your web presence is dated, dull, and/or dysfunctional, there is a strong chance that your audience will associate your brand with these negative views. The specific systems used to create a well-rounded web presence is a CMS 'Content Management System'. This allows specific users control and manages the content within your website with very little technical training. This is extremely useful for organizations that want to take back control of their online content.

    CMS Platforms Used:
    • Joomla
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
  • OSS (Open-Source Software) Deployment
    The Open Source model harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency. This creates high-quality, secure and easily integrated software at an accelerated pace and lower cost yet solving complex problems.

    Common Deployments I Recommend:
    • Odoo (ERP & CRM)
    • weberp (ERP)
    • Freenas (DB)
    • Libreplan (PM)
    • Asterisks (PBX)
    • SuiteCRM (CRM)
    • Kimai (TMS)
    • vTiger (CRM)
    • SugarCRM (CRM)
    • OpenProject (PM)
    • SimpleInvoices (IS)
  • e-Commerce
    Another facet of my web design services falls under eCommerce. Together we can work to design, develop, customize and optimize a number of Open-Source eCommerce platforms: PrestaShop, Magento, Zen Cart and osCommerce.

    Services Offered For Open-Source eCommerce Platforms:
    • SEO Friendly
    • Payment Gateways
    • Seemless Shipping
    • Custom Extension Development
    • Social Media Integration
    • Server & Website Optimization
    • Theme/Template Customization
    • ERP Integration

The design services I offer will accomplish your web-based goals. Most importantly, it will be straightforward to operate adapting to your business, organization, and/or brand. 

A starting point - CMS (Content Management System) takes future growth and customization to a whole other level. This infrastructure allows the website owner take control of content with the overall goal - to be independent of high-priced, proprietary, customized solutions. These systems have been used by more than 40 million site operators because of its economical approach to simplifying common tasks like content editing & media updating.

The Web Marketing Landscape

The days of "I want to rank on the first page for these keywords A,B,C" is over; well at least for the most part.

This doesn't mean that search engine optimization is dead. It simply means the landscape has shifted. Massive increases of mobile devices on the web and unquenchable thirst for solution driven content has shaped our marketing landscape.

We need to deliver content that your users want to see. This will open up strong links to 'audience appropriate' sites that search engines will value. By creating 'content value' we can organically become more relevant across a full spectrum of search engines.

The paid approach is very straight forward; we can capture traffic from the web using re-targeting and big money aids. Most organizations yield the greatest benefits of advertising through SEO; having the highest ROI per marketing effort.

But please remember it's no longer just about optimizing your website for Google but optimizing your presence across the web for all search engines.

Development & Deployment Process


  • Defining all of the technical requirements
  • Defining your goals and objectives of the project
  • This process consists of reviewing your current web presence


  • Preparing current data and content that will be moved
  • Preparing server storage and road-map


  • Launching and Creating necessary elements for the new site including:
    • Template
    • Tools
    • Databases
  • Creation of custom media and editing of current media


  • Creation of new content
  • Physical implementation of content including:
    • Position and Layout Finalization
    • Content Proofing
  • Training on how to use the CMS

Deployment (GO LIVE)

  • Launch and Cut-over
  • Live site testing and bug reporting
  • Quality Assurance that the requirements have been met

On-Line (Future)

  • Maintenance and house cleaning
  • Additional Content Creation
  • Site, DB & Server Updates

Your Project Comes First

Settling for anything less than spectacular results in your web-based projects just isn’t an option. To achieve the best results for my clients this means we must have subject matter experts working on every aspect of the project. My specialties consist of Design, Marketing, and Sales; however, during the duration of your project, it is not unusual for me to utilize my partner network. This network, at times, can be sourced to meet specific goals that are required for the project.

The delegation of these specialized tasks guarantees the success of your web-based project. The most important point I can deliver is that no freelancer is an expert in all area’s of web development. With my experience in the industry, these diverse partners aid in delivering unparalleled results.