Tech is our Business,
So you can focus on yours.

We create technical solutions,
Solutions for the future.

IT Solutions

  • WiFi & Wifi Mesh
  • Networking Solutions
  • Server Deployment
  • Security & GDPR
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Business Communications
  • Backup Solutions

Web Development

  • Performance-Based Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Modular Systems
  • Advertising, Marketing, SEO, and Consulting
  • Web Presence Auditing
  • Digital Content Creation & Consulting
  • Analytics Optimization

The Beginning.

Nick Schick | Freelance Design Concepts started in 2015 as a single-person entity created by Nicholas Schick in Bayern, Germany. The company initially offered a wide range of web application design and development solutions. Since then we have grown into multiple areas of the technical front with a strong focus on a full range of IT & Web-based solutions.


Our portfolio consists of two categories; IT solutions & Web Application Design & Development.

IT Solutions

We deliver value with our IT Solutions by creating predictable results that help you reach your goals. Your goals should not be dictated by your technology, rather, your technology should elevate your goals. Our mission is to create such a situation with a price-performance ratio that is justified and warranted.

Web Application Design & Development

Web development should convert no matter what the conversion required is. With today's "pop-up" website providers, it is more important than ever to do things right and stay above the fold. Just having a web presence isn't good enough. We develop specifically to convert and to give you every chance to be relevant.

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